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  • Alisun
  • Bonville
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  • I guide people in health and wellness and how to heal and love your whole body, mind and soul!

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  • Spring Integrative Health

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  • Spring Integrative Health is an integrative clinic focusing on making people feel
    better by combining the best of all healing practices and treating the entire person – not just one organ, emotion, or disease.

    Our four Naturopathic physicians practice naturally-focused primary care and
    functional medicine to treat an array of medical disorders and deliver preventative care.

    Our doctors treat a wide variety of conditions and disorders including men’s and
    women’s health and hormones, cancer, pediatric ADHD and other developmental
    disorders, and gastrointestinal, thyroid and autoimmune disease.

    Spring’s other providers utilize bodywork, massage, acupuncture and holistic
    nutrition counseling to cultivate whole body balance. We recognize that no one provider can do it all. This unique mindfulness of collaboration creates a safe, nurturing, and effective healing environment for our patients and clients.
    The distinctive integrative care model at Spring Integrative Health specializes in
    personalizing your healthcare by collaborating with all of your providers, including those in the greater healthcare community. We aim to nurture all walks of life, and give back to our local non-profit organizations through quarterly clinic donation days. The healthcare providers at Spring listen, observe, encourage, empathize, coordinate and teach every day to bring about healing, fast.