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  • Jessica
  • Byerly
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  • I have been a writer since before I knew how to write, creating books full of scribbles that I proudly displayed to my parents — and attempted to sell to the unsuspecting neighbors — since the ripe old age of four. As I grew, books proved to be the heart of my passion, filling my days and nights with wonders I could never have imagined in the quiet small town life of Bozeman’s yesteryear. College found me knee-deep in literary classics and intellectual brawls.

    Now, I apply my perfectionist tendencies and keen attention to detail to the intricacies of crafting a perfectly concise sentiment — whether my own or someone else’s — as a freelance writer and editor. My experience spans the gamut of subject matter and genre, from Montana lifestyle editorials to business profiles, marketing materials to websites and grants.

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  • Through my freelance enterprise, I provide writing and editing services for a range of clients throughout a variety of sectors and industries. Whether drafting a detailed grant proposal for a nonprofit, creating compelling marketing materials and web content for a local business or crafting a colorful editorial for a Montana magazine, I take pride in translating personal nuances into tone, syntax and style so that each project I undertake reflects the unique person, company or publication for which I write.