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  • I am a photographic portrait artist, a mom, a wife and a woman.
    My love is photographing women. It is my mission to show every woman I photograph just how beautiful, graceful, and strong she is, at every stage of her life..
    I was born and raised in Bozeman, MT and have lived across this beautiful state. In the last 2 years we have moved back to Bozeman, I am so excited to be back, there are no other cities in Montana that compare.
    I am now opening a new studio in the Emerson Cultural Center (221A), I am so excited to be in this iconic building and to be with other artists and like minded people
    As women we have the tendency to put everyone ahead of ourselves, whether it be our family or our jobs, we put ourselves last. I am guilty of this also. With a growing family, 2 girls one in collage at MSU, a teenage daughter with type 1 diabetes, and two tiny dogs (who think they are the babies, LOL). You can see how we all take care of everyone and their needs first.
    As women we must exist in photographs, not just for us but for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. I have a photographs of my now 92 year old grandmother, during WWII. My favorite one was one she sent to my grandfather, of her in a bikini and snow boots in a snowbank. We also have the more formal portraits of the time. I love that we can look at them and see just how beautiful she has always been.
    So as you are considering a portrait session, give me a call or message me and set up a time we can chat. Come see the new studio, meet me, and tell be all about how you would like to be photographed.
    Remember you are a LEGACY.

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  • Deb Brugman Photography
    Full service Portrait studio

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